International Journal of Society Researches

ISSN: 2528-9527 - E-ISSN:2528-9535

OPUS-International Journal of Society Researches Latin –inspired concept OPUS meaning WORK especially brought together from the social sciences academic Works by researchers in 2011 to the world with ISSN: 2146-5177 numbers with the name OPUS – Turkey Social Policy and Working Life Research Journal. 

As an academic, peer-reviewed journal in the form of two issues in a year, OPUS published large number of issues under the social sciences scope till today. Our journal decided to continue as OPUS-International Journal of Society Researches, with both the content of the works published to date in line and with the high demand of our authors who support the release they sent us from 2016 going to change in editorial policy. One of the most important reasons for the amended change is a lot of effort put forward by academic studies of technology in bringing more readers to benefit from the opportunities offered by today's request. 

With increasing the knowledge of the global circulation of ideas that have beneficial consequences for humanity OPUS has adopted edits movement to the open access policy. In this context, first of all Works published in print till today, were transferred to the Internet. From now on OPUS then will be published in an appropriate manner to both print and electronic media in open access policy. 

OPUS-International Journal of Society Researches is an academic, international and refereed journal which is published twice a year in June and December and gives place to either Turkish or English articles. 

OPUS is society focused and set principle of publishing theoretical, applied and original articles which focus on social problems as disciplinary or interdisciplinary. In this context, it is open to all articles focus on social sciences and humanities.

While OPUS welcomes all studies which will be prepared to work within different areas of expertise; education, sociology, psychology, political science, social policy, management science and it has a framework of working with field angle of the life force field / address field studies are preceded by size.