International Journal of Society Researches

ISSN: 2528-9527 - E-ISSN:2528-9535

Reflective Thinking Level Perceptions and Instructional Decision Processes of Pedagogical Formation Students 

Kevser Baykara Özaydınlık - Mukaddes Erdem

Investigating Teacher Candidates’ Happiness, Optimism, Meaning in Life and Life Satisfaction 

Ramazan Demir- Mehmet Murat

Change in the Perception of Teaching Profession Ethics by Primary School Teachers and Student Primary School Teachers Over Time 

Fatmanur Özen

Examination of Leadership Skills of Special Talented Students in Terms of Some Variables 

Eray Demirçelik - Ayşe Sena Karacabey - Esra Dilara Canan

Prevelance of Insomnia in Young People 

Adile Tümer - Baran İlhan - Asiye Kartal

An Investigation of The Relationship Between Childhood Trauma Experience of Adolescents and Perceived Social Support

Ayşegül Turan - Zeliha Traş

School Accountability Policies: Teacher and Principal Perspectives 

Coşkun Erdağ - Engin Karadağ

Assessment of the Impacts of Active Labor Market Policy Practices: A Meta Analysis Study 

Hasan Bilgehan Yavuz

Investigation of Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Burnout Levels of Guardians in Prisons 

Muhammet Kayra - Ahmet Alpay Dikmen

Strategic Management Process in Accomodation Business: A Study on Executives 

Murat Türk - Ergün Kara

The Effects Of An Expressive Art Therapy Program on Psychological Symptoms and Cognitive Func-tions 

Volkan Demir

 Investigation of The Reasons Why Teachers Do Not Make Graduate Education 

Emre Toprak - Özden Taşğın

A Scale Development Study on Evaluation of the Training Process of Novice Teachers 

Hasan Hüseyin Aksu - Tuğçe Durmuş

Determining the Views of Students on Teaching Materials and Course Content in the Education and Information Network (EBA) 

Mustafa Durmuşçelebi -Sine Temircan

From Grandparents to Grandchildren: Metaphoric Perceptions Concerning Information and Communication Technologies 

Hanife Akgül

Syrians and Citizenship: An Evaluation on the Local People and Syrian Asylum Seekers 

Melike Gülyaşar

The Analysis of Motivation and Expectations of Disabled Persons On Tourism Activities: The Case of Muğla 

Erinç Tozlu Özhan

The Perception of Public Education Centers’ Personnel Regarding Lifelong Learning Key Competencies 

Sait Akbaşlı - Mehmet Durnalı

Investigating the Successful Urban Park Planning and Management Approach on the Sample of Teardrop Park- New York

Banu Öztürk Kurtaslan

A Comparative Analyze of "Kosovo Is The 51. State Of The USA" Discourse in the Frame of Clash of Civilizations Thesis and (Neo) Realism 

Yiğit Anıl Güzelipek

Mitos Between Politics and History: Aristotle and Nietzsche on Tragedy 

Sedat Doğan

The Philosophical and Mental Foundations of Dogmatism and Dogmatic Attitude as a Mentality and a Thinking Form 

Mehmet Münir Dedeoğlu

University Students’ Future Career Opportunities: Career Maturity, Career Decision Making Self Efficacy & Socioeconomic Status

Susran Erkan Eroğlu

Evaluating Turkish TV Series as Soft Power Instruments

Nehir Ağırseven - Armağan Örki

Organizational Communication: An Assessment in Terms of Place and Priority in Educational Institutions 

Mustafa Güçlü

Multiculturalism as a Defensible Ideal

Erdi Topçuoğlu

Approaching On The Issues Of Political Agenda And Identification Of Media Usage Habits Of The Youths: The Case Of The July 15 Coup Attempt 

Yavuz Bayram

Assessment of the Civil Society Dialogue Program between European Union and Turkey as a Public Diplomacy Implementation 

Emrah Aydemir

Local Values in Village Scale and Analysis of Rural Area Identity: Sample of Bayburt 

Esra Özhancı - Hasan Yılmaz

The Organizational Structure of National Education System and The Sub-structural Operations of Supervisors 

Hasan Hüseyin Özkan - Yeliz Çelikten

Resistance in Group Counseling: Prevention and Intervention Methods 

Levent Yaycı

Inspection of the 5th Cavalry Corps of Mustafa Kemal Pasha with the Soviet Russian and Azerbaijani Embassies and their Ilgın Visits

Cemal Güven

Possible Effects of Future Architects' Z Generation on Business Life 

H. Yunus Taş - Mehmet Demirdöğmez - Mahmut Küçükoğlu