International Journal of Society Researches

ISSN: 2528-9527 - E-ISSN:2528-9535

  • OPUS-International Journal of Society Researches is an academic, international and refereed journal which is published three a year in April, August and December and gives place to either Turkish or English articles. OPUS is society focused and set principle of publishing theoretical, applied and original articles which focus on social problems as disciplinary or interdisciplinary. In this context, it is open to all articles focus on social sciences and humanities.

  • OPUS gives importance to the works which are prepared in different field of expertise besides OPUS gives importance to articles which take society into consideration at the fields of education, sociology, psychology, law, political sciences, administration sciences and working life. Besides, OPUS gives place to current and useful compilations and translations.

  • OPUS’ publishing language is Turkish and English. However, with the widespread use articles written in other languages ​​are also acceptable. These articles are published with the original format or translated into Turkish.

  • Articles sent to OPUS to be published should be published or should not be sent to published to another journal. Sending article to OPUS is considered as a guarantee fort his situation. The proceedings that were presented before can only accepted with declaration of this situation.

  • The topicality of the data of the research articles is really important. Research data through the collection of for more than 5 years or the past reported the opinion that the data are outdated.   

  • Minimum 25 years that have passed from the date of first publication is an exception; importance and impact can be assessed in terms of the writing and translations of classical texts. In addition book critics can be also published in OPUS. 

  • OPUS has the right of publishing or not not publishing of the sent articles and has right for correction where necessary. The manuscript of the publishing rights belongs to the journal administration while the responsibility of legal and intellectual responsibilities belongs to the authors. The published articles cannot be re-published or duplicated without permission of the journal administration however they can be cited as reference. Authors are counted as they accepted these principles.

  • The articles sent to OPUS should be prepared according to formatting guidelinesSubmissions are examined primarily in the context of, subject, content, style and presentation from the aspect of compliance with the rules of writing by editors. This evaluation process lasts in 10 days.

  • Blind review method is used in the evaluation process of the submissions in OPUS. Submissions which are considered in referee evaluation process are sent to referees. If there is dissidence between two reports then a third referee’s opinion is asked. 

  • Referee reports are secret. Authors do not know who the referees are and vice versa. Authors should take into consideration the critics of the editors and referees. If they do not agree with the decision and recommendation of the editors and referees authors should state their objections with reasons.

  • According to the results of the referee reports an article might me accepted or rejected or re-evaluation. 

  • The reports and editorial evaluation are sent to correspondence author.

  • Submission that is designed and corrected according to the guidelines of the editor by correspondence author will be taken to the correction process. After the correction process is done the article is sent to design process.

  • After layout and design process the article is sent to correspondence author fort he last check.

  • Articles fulfilled these process are published in the current issue.