International Journal of Society Researches

ISSN: 2528-9527 - E-ISSN:2528-9535

  • Articles sent to OPUS to be published should be published or should not be sent to publish to another journal. Articles should be prepared according to APA’6.0 Publication Manual ( publishing way.

  • OPUS has no page limit for submitted articles. However, it is preferred that the number of words of text from 2500 to 7000. And necessary extensions and reductions are done in communication with the author. 

  • Articles can be written either in Turkish or in English. The abstract of the article should not exceed 250 words. These abstracts should be written as in the OPUS article sample.  The topic of the article should short and should not exceed 15 words. Besides keywords should be 3-5 words.

  • Introduction section of the research articles should be stated clearly. Introduction section should be followed by methodology, findings, discussion and conclusion sections. Section headings in compilations should be determined according to the content.

  • It is mandatory to write the articles according to the OPUS article sample and except first page authors should not write their names and address then upload the article to the system.